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Professional Support

You are free to talk to us 24×7, Our support comprises of an established and an expedient mean of setting up your website or other customizable application.

Exclusive Solutions

When you begin creating your website, you will be totally dependent on the quality of the support you receive. We offer FREE and UNLIMITED support to all members, for the life of the product.

Free Setup

An auction, E-Commerce and other website will be setup at free of cost with best quality, when the service is taken.

100% Source Code

All UniqueScriptz code is available with 100% access to source code. Since it is built using the PHP platform, any PHP expert can customize the code according to their needs.

Fully Customizable

We provide completely customizable web script to meet the user’s need. The features can be enhanced depending upon the particular needs of the clients by making changes to the application.

Complete CMS

Your site is your business centre and maintaining them gets top priority. We provide complete CMS system to manage all your static pages such as about us page, product page, and other pages.