Client Testimonials

I’m owner of Luckyrabbid Ltd and we have an auction website designed by your company. Our account handler is called Brian and i have to say we are pretty much very satisfied from his services. The time schedules he sets are always met . Whenever we need something Brian respond fast and always helpful. The thing that made me feel most satisfied for choosing your company for my website is that though Brian gets the job done fast he also checks with us from time to time asking if we are doing ok and also giving us tips and suggestions about getting better. Other companies just get the job done ,get paid and then you don’t hear from them until the next project comes up.

We are very happy doing business with you and hope to maintain our relationship in good health.

Alexis PapadakisLuckyrabbid Ltd

Uniquescriptz support is fast in responding to queries and reliable. There work is simple for users to use.

Pankaj at uniquescriptz had put in alot of effort to help his clients, helped alot to make things work out and any future projects, uniquescriptz is a great choice to consider!! satisfaction is guarantee!

Lea Wie AngSingapore

UniqueScriptz website design work is some of the best I’ve seen. The auction software they offers is easy to use, set up, and maintain. Support is also easy to reach and has terrific communication skills.

Allan Tone, Owner,Filmmaker etc. a full-service corporate video production company

Pankaj was the kind of person i loved to work with, any problem i faced he could get over it!, UniqueScriptz built for us an auction script ,and did all the changes we wanted in the script for our needs. im sure im going to work with them in my future projects!

I recommend uniquescriptz for everyone who want to be satisfied with any project! 100% satisfaction !!!

Assaf SchwartzIsrael

In the first few months of this year i must have reviewed and tested every penny auction script listed on the net. in spite on that the first script i purchased turned out to be a dud. with a bit of trepidation i decided to try UniqueScriptz. that turned out to be one of my best decisions ever. Pankaj worked with us and advised us every step of the way.

UniqueScriptz is possibly the best custom script there is available. it works, handles large volume of traffic and there are no time out issues. Working with Pankaj has been a real pleasure. he is reliable, knowledgeable and has integrity. he is very responsive and i am always amazed at the speed at which requests are implemented.

Having reviewed and test so many scripts i belive uniquesciptz has the best script out there.

Dermot GrayBarbados

Firstly, on behalf of myself and David I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are to have found you and your company. Managing a project from different time zones is not always easy and needs a large amount of trust from both parties.

You have always acted above and beyond and for that you should be proud of what you do.

We want to have a long and lasting relationship moving forward.

Simon YoungerAustralia

UniqueScriptz is unreal. they have done what others have not been able to do. Uniquescriptz made a website for me that puts me ahead of the curve. It uses twillio, but is so much more than just using the api that they have available. It is 100 percent turnkey, which was only possible thanks to the genius of Pankaj at Uniquescriptz.

The backend of this script gives me everything I need, and the members area for my customers is unbelievable. Beautiful graphics for charting out their texting campaigns, and graphics for me as the admin to chart my success with my customers. I simply go out and sell the idea to my customers and they go to the website and it does the rest. He was totally professional, kind and a pleasure to get to know.

I can’t say enough good things about Pankaj. I believe there is nothing he can’t do. You just have the vision and he will fulfill it.

Ben BournUnited States

UniqueScriptz is the best company I have worked with. You have an issue, they fixes it right away. UniqueScriptz prices are great, and there script is perfect. They will even work with you to make the script better suited for you.

I will Highly recommend Pankaj and UniqueScriptz to anyone. I will do further business.

Mario TeixeiraUnited States

Pankaj is a star! Always delivers, willing to put in that extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction.

Would recommend UniqueScriptz to anyone.


Uniquescriptz service and support is very nice, If any problem there response is very fast and sharp, and also Pankaj marketing support is good, compare to others his service is very best. I Hope that best service will be continue, Thank You For All.

RAVIKANTHIndia, Kadapa