Lowest Unique Auction and Bidding Platform

Bids by users can be made in cents and every bidder can bid as many numbers as he/she wants. At the end of auction lowest unique bid wins the auction.

Every bid has a fixed cost associated with it, and once a participant makes a bid, he/she gets to know whether that bid was unique or lowest unique. Information is updated in real time, but every bidder sees only what’s relevant to the bids he/she made.

Auction Website Data export and import

You can easily import and export user and finance data of website for decision making.

Multiple Payment Options

Multiple payment methods can be integrated from back-end, giving more option to users for payments.

Auction Bid Type

We provide two type of bidding feature Single Bidding and Multiple Bidding Features. By default single bidding is active one.

Payment Gateway Integration

PayPal and Stripe are integrated in the script for secured money transaction and credit card payments. Any other payment gateway can be integrated easily with customization of auction script.

Support Unlimited users and Items

Can list unlimited items/products and handle registered users to the website.

Built-in SEO for auction site

Customized Auction Layout to make it Search-Engine (SEO) friendly, giving it high potential to be found by bidders using search engines.

Fully Customizable Auction Script

We provide completely customizable web auction script to meet the user’s need. Features can be enhanced as per individual requirement by making changes to the application which has supportive back-end and front-end features.

100% Source Code

All UniqueScriptz code is available in the market with 100% access to source code. Since it is built using the PHP platform, any PHP expert can customize the code and add more features.
A lowest unique bid auction is a type of auction where participants bid on an item, and the lowest unique bid wins. In other words, the person who bids the lowest amount that no one else has bid wins the auction.
The lowest unique bid auction script provides a platform for running a lowest unique bid auction. Participants can place their bids on the item, and the script will automatically track the bids and determine the lowest unique bid at the end of the auction.
The lowest unique bid auction script can be used to auction a wide range of items, including products, services, and experiences.
The winner in a lowest unique bid auction is the person who has placed the lowest unique bid. There can be only one lowest unique bid and all other can eight be duplicate or the unique bids.
The lowest unique bid auction script provides a unique and engaging way to auction items. It can generate excitement and interest among participants, and it can also be a fun and entertaining way to raise funds for a cause or organization.
Yes, the lowest unique bid auction script can be fully customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of clients. Customization options may include branding, design, and functionality.
Yes, the lowest unique bid auction script is designed with security in mind. It includes features such as secure payment processing and user authentication to ensure that the auction is secure and trustworthy.
The cost of using the lowest unique bid auction script may vary depending on the specific needs and requirements of clients. Clients can contact the auction script selling website to get a quote for their custom lowest unique bid auction script.

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