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Set the default sort direction for Magento category pages

On Magento while listing categories you can sor the available products: By price, name or relevance, and ascending or descending. By default sorting of (price, name or relevance) can be configured from magento backend under catalog section however we can’t change the default sort order. Here is a XML layout update that allows you to do this as per your requirement. XML-layouts are part of the Magento theming system. XML-updates can be applied in the GUI (for products and categories) [...]


How to enable HMVC in Codeigniter

HMVC is well known for Hierarchical model–view–controller. It’s a design pattern that will make CodeIgniter a modular MVC framework. Using HMVC you can divide your application by modules like categories, products, coupons, shipping in case of ecommerce website.  By dividing our work into modules we can apply new features without touching the others controllers that is not related to our new features. HMVC is also called widgetization because you can used any modules to another modules or views. The HMVC [...]